Dear Trump, Checkmate. Love, Putin

Photo credit: NBC News No president has successfully taken a country since the Second World War until Crimea. No president has been able to maintain an 80% approval rating among his own people while simultaneously carrying out assassinations all over the globe. How has Vladimir Putin been able to accomplish this? Through propaganda, control of [...]

Why the “Merit” Excuse Has no Merit

No, it’s not what you think. Although the Trump administration has very little credibility these days outside of their base, there is another reason why the merit excuse for Trump’s insulting comments about Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa do not hold water. If they were truly discussing a merit-based immigration system then country of origin [...]

Haiti, AIDS, and Donald Trump in Context

President Donald Trump was reported to have stated in a meeting that all Haitians “have AIDS” and, although the White House denies that the statement took place, this is being quoted again in light of Donald Trump’s comments about Haitians and Africans being from “s—thole” countries. In order to understand why Trump would say that [...]

What the What What?!

OK after listening to the White House briefing live, I am VERY confused about Alexander Acosta, Labor Secretary, and his bizarre announcement for a seemingly nonexistent new program. Let's break it down: 1. He acknowledged that 90% or more of vacant positions of employment are for highly skilled positions in healthcare and information technologies. 2. [...]