Puppies Lick the Hand that Feeds Them

The Helsinki Summit on July 16 of 2018 was a shameless display of affection for the single biggest threat to American democracy and the stability of the liberal free world. Trump has been working overtime to convince his supporters that immigrants, trade agreements and Iran all pose bigger threats than Russia’s interference and discord-sowing actions [...]

Dear Trump, Checkmate. Love, Putin

Photo credit: NBC News No president has successfully taken a country since the Second World War until Crimea. No president has been able to maintain an 80% approval rating among his own people while simultaneously carrying out assassinations all over the globe. How has Vladimir Putin been able to accomplish this? Through propaganda, control of [...]

Afro-Les-Bleues Clench World Cup Title

It has been two decades since France had successfully won the World Cup title and as the years have gone by there have been more and more players of African heritage have landed spots on the French national team. This is both a result of the years of migration from French-speaking African nations coupled with [...]