Fake News from #RHOTUS

 This Real Housewife’s press conference….sorry to rant but I need to get this out of my system. I had another post but I just can’t let this slide so we’ll get back to the episodes tomorrow.
First of all, he said that he knows it’s fake news because he “was there” and “knows a good story from a bad one” and that he would know whether or not the outcome of a story should be positive or negative. That he goes home and expects certain things to blow back that don’t and expects praise where he doesn’t get any. Essentially his own opinion is his measurement for what is real and fake…he was given the opportunity to specify his claim that the leaks are real but the stories about them are fake and this was his answer. But the best answer is that the leaks are true, the news about it is fake, but at the end of the day who cares, why aren’t you asking Hillary Clinton about how friendly she is to Russia? I thought the Clintons were hiking somewhere….?
Then a reporter asked about why he claims his electoral victory was the biggest since Reagan (since Obama and Bush Sr. both had more). The reporter asked if he is so upset about fake news why is he sharing fake facts. His response was “Oh I was given the information….and I actually read it somewhere recently”. So basically delusion is the answer…or a mysterious source of “alternative facts”.
After a lot of barking at reporters to “sit down” before they had finished asking their questions and talking over them, a question was actually placed by a journalist who likes Trump and writes positive stories about him. His question was prefaced by saying that he nor anyone in his Jewish community have felt that Trump is Anti-Semitic but he wants to know what Trump’s administration would do about the rise in Anti-Semitic crimes and Trump interrupted his question saying “I get the rest of your question” then went on to say “see how friendly the media is” and “this is what they do to me” and “I’m the least racist person ever”, “they want to make me look bad” and, my personal favorite, “Obama’s fault”. I thought Obama was off kitesurfing?! So he didn’t answer the question that he didn’t hear and in process insulted a friendly ear.
The weirdest answer was to a question posed by a black reporter about including the Congressional Black Caucus in his plans to improve inner-cities. His response was to ask the reporter if SHE could set up the meeting! He actually asked her if she knew them and could set up the meeting. That’s like when people learn that I am Ethiopian or grew up in Kenya and respond with “Oh I have this friend from Ghana who lives in Virginia” or “I know a missionary who lives in Capetown” The reporter paused and said “Uh no, I’m a journalist.” LOL
The few Trump supporters whom I know agree with his travel ban but say the rollout was “clumsy”, “sloppy”, “or poorly executed” and yet this man is still saying that the rollout was “smooth” and “perfect”. That it’s the “bad court” that caused the chaos….of course the court made that decision AFTER green card and visa holders were detained at airports and people en route were turned away from the country they’ve lived in for years but what does reality really matter anymore?
I can’t…I just…I can’t….
I was excited that he used the word “bigly” again, though. True Trump style if you say it enough it will become true.

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