#RHOTUS: Welcome to the Very Famous White House

Now our last episode began on a lighter note. After angering half of our allies and a couple of our enemies, President Donald Trump finally made a leader feel welcomed. Melania chose not to show up so the wife of the Japanese Prime Minister had to awkwardly go at it alone for her visit, but we’re pretty sure that they’ll be gal-pals after their time at Mar-a-Lago. Prime Minister Abe, however, was warmly welcomed by our president to the “very famous White House”…because he may have thought that he was at the hole-in-the-wall White House if our fearless leader had not graciously clarified that.

In addition, on last night’s episode of RHOTUS, our focal character was caught in a strange predicament. Trump was wining and dining Prime Minister Abe and put him up in a room at the “winter White House”. Now I know it sounds like I’m hating on Trump because not all of us are lucky enough to have so many White Houses to vacation in for winter, summer, fall, the collapse of the free world, potential zombie apocalypses. However, it really is out of concern for his use of technology. We all know that the flashlight function will kill a cell phone battery, so how will this man keep up with his Twitter account if he is forced to conduct all of his security briefings that way?

For those of you who did not catch the events firsthand, allow me to walk it back slightly. While PM Abe and his wife were vacationing with the Trumps in Florida, North Korea conducted a missile test. This is obviously bad news for both leaders, however they were really busy with their dinner because their shrimp was not deveined prior to serving. Where oh where can you get good service anymore?! Trump and Abe decided to review the information that their staff presented to them in the middle of a public restaurant with the use of (and this is true) their flashlights on their cell phone cameras. The restaurant’s mood lighting was apparently only set for the wooing of this foreign dignitary but not for creating a makeshift situation room.

In addition to this breach of protocol, Michael Flynn (our beloved wild card…well, one of them) has been proven to have spoken to Russian officials to hint about President Obama’s sanctions. Apparently he gave them the “wink-wink don’t worry about it” which implies that the Trump administration was planning to reverse those sanctions or at least lessen the impact to the Russian economy. Now, that is the conclusion that a sane and healthy-minded person would draw but not our Trump!


Apparently the real story behind one of Trump’s top cabinet members possibly leaking information to the Russian government and Trump having a sensitive meeting on an international crisis in public is the amount of leaking going out of Washington…? At least the star of our show has finally proven to have some deductive reasoning skills. Although, a monkey could have probably figured that out and would have included Trump’s own team’s involvement in those leaks going out of Washington.

What I find the most humorous is really a Tweet that he put out back in 2012 about the leaks coming out of Obama’s national security team. It turns out that our current president is taking hints on how to do his job from our last president! All of this time we thought they didn’t want anything to do with each other, but I guess we know better now. The question is, will Trump allow the investigation that he complained about Obama obstructing??? Tune in next time to find out!


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