It’s Over, Everyone Relax!

Now that Black Friday is over and done with, the world of retail is slowing down just to pick back up.  The initial hoopla is tapering off, but the holiday season is just kicking into gear!

This year was, yet again, a record-hitting Black Friday.  This year saw a 21.6% increase in dollar amounts, which honestly makes me giggle a bit.  After this year’s election, everyone seems to be worried about the economy.  People are worried about their jobs, about their cost of living, and about the ever-rising cost of their children’s tuition. Clearly, people are not as concerned as they appeared to be on November 9th, because they are still shelling out the cash!

Another interesting phenomena is the increase in mobile transactions.  This year had about a 33% increase in transactions completed on mobile phones!  My mother always thought that there was some sense of pomp and circumstance that went with Black Friday.  She was always trying to convince me that people are only really camping out and rushing the doors for the commotion and tradition of the day (obviously, my mother has never worked at a mall on Black Friday.  This increase in mobile transactions proves this theory to be untrue.

Unfortunately for the human race, these decisions have nothing to do with custom or fuss.  Corporations want to get rid of whatever debt they are holding onto at the end of the year and customers want to be that one guy who gets his hands on a $10 deep-fryer before anyone else.  Hope all of you corporate overlords are now in the black and I hope that all of you happy shoppers made it home with all of your favorite things…and all of your fingers and toes.

Now it is time to get in the Christmas spirit, everyone!!!

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