Retail Zombie Apocalypse

Black Friday is quickly approaching and retailers are preparing for the dark cloud of craziness.  Luckily, this particular dark cloud brings in a lot of money, so congrats to those of you who are making commission!  The rest of you, make sure you pack a lunch, be sure to use the bathroom before your shift and on your break, and certainly wear some sensible shoes.  If you have a ways to drive from your Thanksgiving dinner to your job, be sure to leave extra early.  However, make sure that you focus on the holiday on Thursday.  Spend time with your family and friends; don’t even think about what may happen on Friday.

If you are one of the dedicated shoppers who will be braving the city the day after Thanksgiving, please be nice to the employees AND your fellow shoppers.  Keep your elbows from each other’s faces, use your inside voices to resolve any conflicts, flash a smile every now and then, and please try to be wary of the employees in the hallways who are rushing to grab a lunch or a cigarette before heading back to work…try to refrain from standing in their way with your stroller this year.

The cool thing that has been happening in the last few years is that corporations are beginning to extend their sales for the week and give employees the entire day of Thanksgiving off in an attempt to cut down on the D-Day madness.  Many of my friends have stated that although the day is still insane, it is not as angry of a tornado as it used to be for certain stores.  Clothing stores will never change no matter what, but I believe that Cyber Monday has helped out a lot with stores like Best Buy and the all-in-one department stores like Target or Walmart.  With clothing stores, for whatever psychologically-misguided reason, those clothes could be on sale every day for the entire year and people will still rush the door if they are told that there will be “Black Friday Deals”…seriously, they don’t even need to know what the deals are!  I worked in one store that recycled the same “deals” every holiday and Black Friday was still bananas.

It is honestly humorous to me that people now have most of the week and Cyber Monday to buy the majority of the things that they want and yet they still camp out all night long to get that one fifty-dollar television.  The sleep that they could have gotten in that time?  Priceless!

You can find the list of stores that will be blessing their staff with an actual holiday spent with their families at  Happy Shopping, everyone!

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